On Wed, 07 Mar 2018 03:37:05 PST (-0800), ad...@redhat.com wrote:
On 06/03/18 20:01, Edward Nevill wrote:
I am happy to act as project lead for the RISC-V port at least in the
interim. I am an OpenJDK committer, a member of the porters group and
the aarch32 project lead. Although I do not have very much RISC-V
experience (IE. about 1 week) I feel I could help get the project
started until someone with more RISCV-V experience is up to speed
with the OpenJDK processes.

I don't believe I am entitled to vote for Ed to be granted this role but
I will offer the opinion that he would make a great project lead -- even
if he has to rely on someone else for detailed RISC-V knowledge. His
help on the AArch64 port was immensely valuable and his experience of
how that port was done should be very helpful.

Seeing as how Ed is the only one who has submitted any patches I guess he's the only one who's actually entitled to vote, but FWIW he sounds like a good RISC-V port lead to me :).

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