another cycle, this time gtk3 was disabled right from the beginning and
will .. maybe be default for 45, which will be the next ESR.

Note that to build/run it, you'll need sqlite 3.9.2 from
http://marc.info/?l=openbsd-tech&m=145011762515747&w=2 and to comment
out/remove --with-system-libevent=/usr/ from CONFIGURE_ARGS in
mozilla.port.mk - ipc/ subdir now doesnt build with our libevent 1.x
from base and needs the bundled libevent2.

git clone -b beta https://rhaalovely.net/git/mozilla-firefox

doas env PKG_PATH=https://rhaalovely.net/stuff/amd64/ pkg_add -u firefox
(no i386 pkg yet)


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