Landry Breuil said:
> 5.9 will ship with 44.0, but 45 is around the corner anyway. Make sure
> to test this one, since that will be the new ESR. Gtk3 has been disabled
> by default again, that's becoming a running gag. Gstreamer has been
> deprecated too, ffmpeg should be used at runtime if found, but i havent
> tested it yet.

I am running your package for several days, as secondary browser.  Once
in a while it segfaults for me, and it fails to connect to some sites
that work perfectly fine with current port.

Egdb fails to load firefox.core, which may be related to its size -
450 Mb.

All of this is happening on amd64 system on Lenovo Thinkpad E325.  I
could provide additional info if needed, or rather if I manage to get

Dmitrij D. Czarkoff

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