Josh Grosse wrote:
1.  You are running a kernel which is beyond 6.0-release (such as a -current 
     and you are running with an out-of-sync package (such as 6.0-release). [1]

Josh, I installed 6.0 last night, pulled the source from CVS with 
-rOPENBSD_6_0, built a kernel and then world.

*Maybe* I made a mistake, but as I do it with scripts, it's hard to see how. 
I'll take another look.

2.  You are not actually running with wxallowed enabled.

The mount command returns that my sole label mounted as / is running wxallowed.

I can only guess, of course, but I'll guess reason number 1.

If' you're correct, it must be number 1. I'll take a look. Thanks for replying.

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