Le 2016-09-20 03:45, Jack J. Woehr a écrit :
Jack J. Woehr wrote:
6.0 Breakage

I did pkg_add -u and mostly everything seems good with some notable exceptions.

Seamonkey is broken but that's no news.

I thought it was no news. Apparently it is. Posting mount output and
dmesg as recommended by Josh Grosse which shows, yes, we are running
6.0-stable and yes, we're wxallowed.

Tail of dmesg after a seamonkey crash:

seamonkey(89184): mmap W^X violation

Output of mount:

/dev/sd1a on / type ffs (local, wxallowed)

On -current binaries now needs both wxallowed on their mountpoint AND have to be compiled with -wxneeded flag.

Maybe this has been backported to 6.0-stable ? I don't know where to look to check that. Maybe someone have a clue ?

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