On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 09:21:48PM +0000, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> Bad distfile name for libtheoraplay, please use the
> DISTFILES=sensible-name-1.00{commithash}${EXTRACT_SUFX} mechanism to
> rename it.

Upstream unfortunately doesn't do real versions, only number of the
changeset. Question is if it's better to use whatever version numbering
upstream uses and stay close to upstream, or to create our OpenBSD version like
it's done e.g. with library versions? I used changeset number in mojoshader
before, but would like to know if there's a preference in such a case.

Attached port is with libtheoraplay-${HG_CHANGESET}{${HG_COMMIT}}${EXTRACT_SUFX}

> theorafile, it's down to personal preference, but instead of patching for
> "TARGET = so.${LIBtheorafile_VERSION}" you might find it nicer to override
> directly like "MAKE_FLAGS = TARGET=so.${LIBtheorafile_VERSION}".

I agree with your approach. Think it's better to have this clearly visible in
the Makefile. Changed it and attached new version.

Any takers in this form?

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