On 2018/03/11 06:40, Adam Steen wrote:
> The only read for ONLY_FOR_ARCHS, was I don't have any other arch to easily 
> test with.

Generally leave that out, unless either you know there's a reason why
something is arch-specific, or it's known to fail and can't be fixed easily.

> With a library version of 0.0 in SHARED_LIBS; I now get a problem with the 
> plist. 
> The rule "@lib lib/libpkgconf.so.${LIBpkgconf_VERSION}" was generated by make 
> plist,  which seems to require a version of 3.0, I am not sure how to 
> reconcile this?

You just need to recompileto use the version from SHARED_LIBS. Ports
infrastructure passes that in to the build, the number is under control
of the port rather than the upstream software.

(Sometimes this doesn't work as-is - in that case it needs fixing because
very occasionally we do need to force library bumps in ports following a
change in the base OS - but that's unusual for things that use libtool or
cmake to build their libraries).

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