Steve Heaven wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-09-09 at 08:11 +0100, Clunk Werclick wrote:
>> Are you saying that it is not possible to configure it to reject users
>> that don't exist at the SMTP level? Are you *sure*? So if you telnet in
>> to it and send mail for it accepts it?
>> I would be gobsmacked. Surely this is a simple configuration issue ?
> It may well be possible, but the default seems to be to accept any user.
> Almost all our client's SBS servers (there are about 50 of them) are
> managed by non-IT staff, usually just someone in the office who knows
> add users, change passwords etc, but little else. So asking them to make
> detailed configuration changes is out of the question.

Read "Step 2: Configure recipient filtering in Exchange Server 2003":;en-us;886208

If I were you I'd write up a nice howto for my clients describing the
problem and asking them to do these easy configuration steps. And then
both you and your clients will be good internet citizens.

Just my 2 cents.

Have a nice day,

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