Steve Linford put forth on 8/25/2010 8:27 AM:

> Just to add to the mix if Postfix is working on whitelist implementation... 
> Spamhaus has assigned for whitelist return codes. The new 
> Spamhaus Whitelist ("SWL") due out very shortly will return and 
> and Spamhaus' new Domain Whitelist ("DWL") will return 
> and We will explain what these codes mean closer to the release 
> date (sometime in September).
> In the case of the Spamhaus Whitelist ("SWL"), the implementation we want 
> people to use is that a message from an IP on the SWL should be allowed 
> immediately past all spam filtering and all content filtering and passed 
> straight to the virus filter if any.

Thanks for the heads up Steve. :)  Great timing.


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