I'm running multiple Postfix MX servers behind HAProxy load balancer. I was
just configuring "MX Policy test" in postscreen and I couldn't get it work.
Then I tried to use the external IP (the one on the proxy) instead of the
one Postfix listens on. I suggest it could be mentioned in docs for anyone
else who would have similar setup (or am I missing something?)

Also, it would be convenient to be able to set a port in
postscreen_whitelist_interfaces - so e.g. port 25 for primary MX and port
2525 for "fake" backup MX with postscreen whitelisting disabled. Something

postscreen_whitelist_interfaces = !:2525 static:all

I realize it doesn't have much use without proxy and it is not usual setup..
But in my case, it would save me from configuring several IPs on several
machines. So, just a suggestion.



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