Banyasz Botond:
> Hello,
> Recently i upgraded to postfix 3.1 and i have an issue with the 
> transport maps.
> i have a tcp loockup table in the transport maps and in some condition  
> i make a retry destination.
> in postfix 2.11 if the loockup table gives retry then the message is 
> accepted from the client and deferred.
> In postfix 3.0 and 3.1 if the loockup table gives retry, then postfix 
> server side  gives a NOQUEUE and the message is not accepted from the 
> client(deferred to the client).
> Is there a new contifuration option in postfix wich reverts to the old 
> behavior. Is this new behavior documented somewhere because i couldn`t 
> find it.

What is the error message?

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