Banyasz Botond:
> i have a transport_maps: transport_maps=tcp:[localhost]:1515
> postmap  -q text@example tcp:[localhost]:1515    gives: retry:4.0.0 
> internal temp defer

For the past 10+ years, Postfix has always blocked mail that resolves
to the 'error' transport. Doing the same for the 'retry' transport
was a bugfix. The bugfix of 20140224 fixes several bugs with the
handling of the retry transport (it is not safe to fill the queue
with messages that will never be delivered).

You can pipe the reply from the tcpmap server through another map to
replace the retry response with something else like 'smtp'.

    smtp .. .. .. .. .. .. smtpd -o { 
        transport_maps = pipemap:{ 

    /^retry:/   smtp:


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