We’re looking for some OE regarding the use of Liquinox (Alconox) brand 
decontamination agent.  We are seeing some odd results when deconning a spent 
fuel transfer cask that has a coating of (Carboline) Carboguard 890 epoxy.  The 
cask is
 lifted from the pool, deconned successfully to less than 1k smearable and then 
allowed to dry. When rewetted, contamination appears at easily detectable 
levels, requiring significant additional decon.
Does anyone else have experience with such a condition and, if so, what did you 
do to avoid the significant leaching (if that’s what it is)?Thanks,  Eric 
Goldin, CHP
RP Support, San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
eric.gol...@sce.com or

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