> e.g. a particular paradigm (e.g. imperative) makes sense to a given
> individual, but then they get totally tripped up by the horribly
> non-standard vs. math details (cf. limits on ranges of values).

Which is what I said earlier about exception cases. But in reality most people 
hardly ever encounter them - yes, it is true that computer arithmetic is weird, 
but I honestly cannot remember the last time I was doing arithmetic with 
numbers that could have generated those kind of exceptions. I think this is a 
complete red herring. But there again so is the whole idea of intuitiveness.

Question : do you think that using recursion is intuitive? I have seen people 
use it without having been introduced to it (and try to use it on old Fortran 
systems - ooops), but I have also been people entirely perplexed by it. So 
which is it?


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