Wondering if anybody knows of research that tries to get the word out
that naming is important. Or proves that naming isn't important! Maybe

There is of course:

Operand names influence operator precedence decisions

There was some naming issues involved in:
Classification and grouping into aggregate types

nobody makes still little mistakes the way I do. Anyway, there are
things in the programming language world that make me cringe. They
look to me like highway train wrecks, if you'll pardon the metaphor,
sneaking around looking for a place to happen.

Picking two off the top of my head:
Scala: "val" vs. "var". One letter difference?!

At the difference was at the end that has less attention paid to it.
The second part of:
has some experimental evidence that differences at the start of
an identifier improve recall performance.  Paper and data should
be up at the end of the week.

Knockout JS: "viewmodel" instead of, gosh, say, just "model"?!

-Mr. Tempest in a Teapot.

and now you get get a phonetic transcription of that:

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