A lot of discussion related to naming can be found in the
following documents.



I think the discussion is still valid although the
papers are not very 'fresh'. (We still communicate mostly
with the same words as we used to communicate 15 years ago.)


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(i googled, w/out much success.)

Wondering if anybody knows of research that tries to get the word out that 
naming is important. Or proves that naming isn't important! Maybe nobody makes 
still little mistakes the way I do. Anyway, there are things in the programming 
language world that make me cringe. They look to me like highway train wrecks, 
if you'll pardon the metaphor, sneaking around looking for a place to happen.

Picking two off the top of my head:
Scala: "val" vs. "var". One letter difference?!
Knockout JS: "viewmodel" instead of, gosh, say, just "model"?!

-Mr. Tempest in a Teapot.

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