Hi Ted,

IMO, a balanced TOC for a VFP10 book would be (pseudo writing):

1. Keeping your VFP app up and performing for decades without rewrite
2. Expanding your VFP app far beyond 'traditional' desktop
3. Recruiting developers for your VFP app

Point 3 is in every manager's head; it has to be addressed and we collectively need to find a way to keep some young people interested in VFP; the only efficient way I know is to deliver an exciting message, not to tell them "you're entering into a carrier dead-end where you'll have to maintain boring legacy code, please enjoy"

I wish I could decently write in English, and doubt anyone would be interested in a book written in French, even you as an Editor! ;)

Thierry Nivelet
Give your VFP app a second life in the cloud

Le 08/08/2017 à 21:21, Ted Roche a écrit :
On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 2:53 PM, Thierry Nivelet <tnive...@foxincloud.com> wrote:
Sounds kinda defensive, like "how you can survive with VFP while outdated
and clumsy"
I think you're looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Whil's
book is dealing with supporting existing clients, inheriting the apps
of the others, and pointers on maintaining applications into their
second and third decades. These are important skills, too.

I'd prefer a book mostly showing the exciting things one can do with VFP,
and expanding 'legacy' VFP applications.
Well, let me know how your book writing goes. If you are looking for
an editor, keep me in mind!

Third party software take a large part of these exciting opportunities.
Absolutely! My most successful applications use a lot of third party
software, from web serving to office automation to graphics and GIS! I
have always been a big supporter of the philosophy of integrating many
tools to make the most powerful application.

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