On 2017-08-11 14:55, Kevin J Cully wrote:
We used Citrix at a healthcare company I worked at around 2005.
Basically everyone came in to an office, just to telecommute into our
hosted servers that was in a city 30 minutes north of our office.  It
was a valid approach to better securing workstations.

I was doing a good bit if VFP9 at that time and there wasn't much (if
anything) that I had to do to the application.  I tended to make the
buttons bigger because with the remote-aspect of running the app, the
double+clicks didn't always "take".  We called it "having to
triple+click" ... or ... "click it like you mean it!"  It had more to
do with Windows and the nature of following the mouse movement from
local to remote.

They had portable profiles however.  They didn't wipe the image as
there were valid reasons that people would have customized desktops
and customized software installations, even if the Windows was remote.

This approach saved us on PC purchases as well.  We could buy pretty
minimal PCs as the real horsepower was in the Citrix VM'd PCs.


Thanks for sharing that, Kevin. If you had to design an app for the "wipe daily" scenario, how would you do it? Personally, I think Andy Kramek's idea (years ago!) of using meta-data that had code in memo/text fields may work well for this scenario. Andy's approach may not have been good for source code control (as per one detractor), but the idea of self-updating easily was on-point, imo.

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