Hi Dave

Thanks for your reply.  The addessbar property is already .F.  Basically this 
form is designed to show, by default a company home page.  However if (a) there 
is no physical connection to the internet or (b) if an admin has blocked 
internet access from MyExecutable.EXE then we want to display the contents of a 
README.HTML which resides on the client machine instead.  It is the second part 
that I am working on but I cannot seem to get the Windows Firewall to prevent 
access to the internet from within MyExecutable.EXE


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How about setting the OLE control "Addressbar" property to be .F.

That way they won't be able to key in any web addresses.

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Hi all

I have a VFP executable (MyExecutable.EXE) which has a form containing an 
OLEBrowser control.  I want to temporarily block internet access from this form 
using the Windows (7) firewall.  I have created a new Outbound Rule pointing to 
MyExecutable.EXE but the form still loads and displays a web page.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Paul Newton

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