Hi Paul,

1. Occurred to me, and I think that *could* have something to do with
Windows Folder Virtualization

2. When Windows can't write to your CFG dirs, then automatically select the

In my experience with this "strange" errors, I've fixed them creating a
subdirectory by user behind a public one --well ahead of Windows own dirs--
with all the permissions necessary (ie: "C:\APPNAME\DATA\USERX")

I have 2 solutions for this up to now, and in both of them Windows can't
interfere in any way, and you just want to configure de AV software to
ignore it:

1) When the PC is not shared between users:

This is the most simple case, and all you need is to create a DATA
directory (ie: "C:\APPNAME\DATA") and a CONFIG.FPW with this directory for
all config items

2) When the PC (Server) is shared among users:

This is a little tricky, but with you can asure that user TMP files are
well separated, and requires a "launcher" file (can be a VFP or a VBS
script one) that before starts the VFP APP/EXE, creates a "personal" CFG
file for each user (ie: "C:\APPNAME\DATA\USERX\config.fpw") with all the
paths ponting to this dir, the launches the VFP APP/EXE with the

You even can use an internal CONFIG.FPW with starting exactly with this
lines to allow using the external CFG:

* internal config.fpw

Hope it helps.

2018-04-09 18:46 GMT+02:00 Paul H. Tarver <p...@tpcqpc.com>:

> I think this is a two part question for VFP9:
> 1)      Has anyone had any experience with getting a program error at
> runtime like this: File c:\users\paul\appdata\local\
> temp\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.tmp
> is read-only? I do not get a similar error when running in development mode
> and I have explicitly set SORTWORK, PROGWORK, EDITWORK and TMPFILES in the
> CONFIG.FPW file.
> 2)      Why does VFP continue to create cursor temp files in the
> aforementioned path at all when I've manual set the path for temporary
> files
> in the CONFIG.FPW file?
> I'm sure it is something I'm doing wrong, so feel free to provide
> constructive OR destructive criticism. J
> Thanks!
> Paul
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