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this is probably due to VFP's optimisation. Always get in the habit of 
using NOFILTER as part of your SQL SELECT command.

Try it and see if it works in both scenarios for you.

Without the NOFILTER, VFP may optimise the query by just opening the 
cursor again with a filter applied, this may then cause problems while 
indexing. My guess is that it optimises it slightly differently in the 
development environment so it works in that case, but in the runtime it 
handles it by just filtering it.


Frank Cazabon

On 09/04/2018 01:07 PM, Paul H. Tarver wrote:
> Further testing has revealed a couple of things, but I still don't
> understand the why.
> The error is generating when I attempt to index the results of a query made
> against SQL query resultant cursor. So, here's the logic: First, I send a
> SQL Pass-through query to the server and store the large number of results
> in TableA. Then when working on just a portion of the table I issue a VFP
> like Select * from TableA where condition into cursor TableB. Then I try to
> create a CDX file with three indexes for TableB. In the development
> environment this works perfectly. However, once compiled, I get the error
> that I noted in the previous message.
> Interestingly, if I change the VFP query to Select * from TableA where
> condition into cursor TableB READWRITE, then everything works perfectly in
> both the development and compiled versions of the program.
> Can anyone explain the why? I'm sure it has to do with the difference
> between querying a cursor I made in the program versus querying a cursor
> created from a SQL Pass-Through query. But what I can't understand is that I
> am creating indexes on the results of the SQL Pass-Through query before I
> ever create a sub-query of that data, so it leaves me confused as to why the
> read-write permissions are difference between the development and compiled
> versions of my program.
> Paul
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> Subject: .tmp Is Read-Only
> I think this is a two part question for VFP9:
> 1)      Has anyone had any experience with getting a program error at
> runtime like this: File c:\users\paul\appdata\local\temp\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.tmp
> is read-only? I do not get a similar error when running in development mode
> and I have explicitly set SORTWORK, PROGWORK, EDITWORK and TMPFILES in the
> CONFIG.FPW file.
> 2)      Why does VFP continue to create cursor temp files in the
> aforementioned path at all when I've manual set the path for temporary files
> in the CONFIG.FPW file?
> I'm sure it is something I'm doing wrong, so feel free to provide
> constructive OR destructive criticism. J
> Thanks!
> Paul
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