Thanks,  Rob
Of course!   And it worked.

I don't use the files script for user scripts under Windows,
as it's so easy to use File Explorer,  or utilities in a dos window,  so had clean
forgotten that the script was available in the iPad J installation.

The iPad (and presumably other i-devices) seems paranoid in its
determination to stop users seeing their own folders/directories.

Still puzzled about 1!:55 - is it not implemented for iPad?


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PS - sorry to have inadvertently copied irrelevant history earlier

On 14/04/2018 17:36, Rob B wrote:
I use this script...

3 : 'do ''ferase ''''~user/'',y,''.ijs'''''''

eg rbdel 'fred'


On 14 Apr 2018, at 17:16, 'Mike Day' via Programming 
<> wrote:

The iPad’s help window doesn’t seem to include a delete feature.
je only gets a file up for editing,  while jd only lists files, as far as I can 
I found that 1!:0 gives a unix ls-type listing,  which is useful.
So I thought 1!:55 might work for deleting scripts, etc.  However, it returns a 
domain error.

Thanks for any help,


ps Jprogramming is probably the wrong forum - sorry if so.

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