Sorry - a trivial response, but might be of use.

Just started this up.  Did



    jdrt'' NB. list tutorials

as suggested.

I thought J had hung,  and was wondering what to do when the following

message appeared,  after a minute or three:

"building demos - takes time"

It might help other newcomers to jd if this reassurance could pop up




On 15/05/2018 19:56, Eric Iverson wrote:
Jd (Jdatabase) new release available.

This release automatically installs a free non-commercial key if it is run
without a key.

The non-commercial key enables all of Jd and the only limitation is that it
is licensed only for non-commercial use.

We strongly encourage all J users to take a serious look at Jd.

It should be of particular interest to anyone who works with csv files.
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