I am a big fan of database work and am thus excited to try out Jd.
However,I am just a hobbyist and dont operate on large data sets
normally, nor work with numerical data as much as string.

I currently have a PostgreSQL database I use to track my library; some
1000 rows in all, with tables for works, editions, publishers, authors,
sections, and the status of the books (owned, read), foreign keys
linking all of them (mostly in edition), and then various views to
represent the data in more clean terms. I never expect this database to
grow beyond a few thousand rows in any table. I don't run much numerical
processing on the data, it is mostly a structural project, rather than

Scanning though the Wiki and some of the labs, I didn't find much on
foreign keys and other kinds of SQL schema tools. 

Would Jd be a decent candidate for such a database?


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