Douglas E. Warner wrote:
> Michael, thanks for the feedback.  I'll try to clarify why some of the items 
> that are on the list are where they are:
> bug#13381: Create unstarted projects list
>   - this is high on the list so we can free up resources on our server; so 
> this one is there for purely selfish reasons (from Mozdev's standpoint), but 
> we wanted to put it there so people knew it would be worked on.  There's 
> currently a large number of projects (approx 400 out of 1600 - 25%) that were 
> requested to be started but never had any significant work - so we'd like the 
> clear the old ones out (probably ones that are > 1yr old).  This project is 
> almost done, so hopefully you'll see it get checked off the roadmap soon ;)

Ah, you see... this would have been nice to read on a company blog 
because I had no idea what it was about. Thanks.

> Enhance download mirrors (Several bugs)
>   - This would probably be where your SSL enhancements would show up, and it 
> is definitely something on my radar for this week that I'll be looking into.

That Doug, that'll be great.

> Project stats page
>   - There's actually a number of things we were working on for doing the 
> unstarted projects list (mailman stats, bugzilla stats, cvs stats) that were 
> one of the bigger drivers for this project, but the presentation of the 
> information on the web could probably have its priority shifted down a bit.

And maybe people here can help you with it?

> bug#11890 - Subversion
>   - We're looking into offering Subversion as well as some other backends for 
> projects to host their code.  As everyone is very aware, the project websites 
> and downloads are very hooked into CVS, and I doubt that would change very 
> quickly even if we did add SVN (ie, SVN would only be for hosting code).

We will use whatever gets installed, as long as Komodo IDE can handle it 
out of the box, but we still can't get the filesize or generate hashes 
of XPI's and that is a *major* pain in the but for us.

  > bug#15670 - Commit notifications
>   - this is something that was asked about a long time ago so we tried to 
> make 
> it higher on the priority list.  It could probably be moved back down if 
> project owners currently don't think it's very important.

I'm sure you are unfamiliar with my fathers requests, it seems, because 
he asked for forums back in April 2001, 2002, 2003 and finally I took 
over asking for it in 2006 and 2007 so yeah, forums should have a top 
priority yet I don't even see them listen, right?

Also note that several projects have moved on to other hosting 
facilities because of this.

> The reasons that the wiki and blog are currently higher on the priority list 
> are:
> 1) make it easier for project owners to post updates and documentation about 
> their projects
> 2) make it more transparent what Mozdev is working on by publishing things in 
> a blog that are currently happening

This is something my dad and I have been suggesting, and for some time 
now, so I'm glad to see it happening any time soon.

> Since I started at Mozdev about a month ago I've been trying to post at least 
> weekly progress reports on my personal blog, which you can find here:
> RSS:

Ah yes, there it is. I forgot what is was, and I had no idea how to 
contact you, and if that was even appropriate, still even.

> (I currently have a bug open to get this in on Planet Mozilla: 

I rather see this on the site where it belongs,

> If the project owners would like I can also start posting this here so we can 
> discuss what's been going on.

Blogs are todays way of getting people up to date so yes please, I would 
subscribe right away.  Having your own (personal) blog is fine, but you 
as employee should also have one over at, like many other 
companies are doing today.

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk
- MultiZilla Project Team Lead
- XUL Boot Camp Staff member
- iPhone Application Developer

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