Hi Philip!

You can count on me. 

Some years ago when I started a project, Mozdev helped me. It's a privilege 
that I can help Mozdev back! :)

I will spread this news to my friends as well! 

Best wishes! :)

Vinicius Medina

Em 15/07/2011, às 05:27, Philip Chee escreveu:

> Hi!
> Mozdev needs you! We need more volunteers to help keep the site alive.
> At the moment I'm doing all the day to day stuff (mostly mailist
> moderation). Since Axel got his new job sometime back he hasn't been
> able to help me prune the spam and answer questions sent to the
> feedb...@mozdev.org address. The last time there was a call for
> volunteers a handful responded (but only two of us actually turned up).
> I hope that we get significantly more volunteers this time round because
> with more people it's easier to spread the load around!
> So who should volunteer?
> * People who can commit to at least an hour per week.
> * People who know how to moderate a mailman mailing list (this shouldn't
> be too difficult for most of you).
> ** This shouldn't take more than 5 minutes a day.
> * People who have some sort of sysadmin perspective, that is with
> experience administrating a site remotely.
> * People who know how to administer a multi-site Drupal installation.
> ** We're a bit handicapped as nobody around knows how to manage Drupal
> and in particular to fix the FCKEditor problem.
> * People who know Mercurial configuration and setting up.
> At the moment I'm trying to get in touch with our ex-sysadmin in order
> to learn how to set up a new project. If I can manage that I'll do a
> write up so that other peole can help me do this.
> I can't do this all by myself. Any help will be received with extreme
> gratitude!
> Phil
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