David Aspinall <david.aspin...@ed.ac.uk> writes:

   I'd like to push the button on this soon, so I think we should stop
   adding new features/hacks to the CVS head for a while...

How about Hol light? Would you release 4.2 with the current
partial hol light support enabled? Or would you put hol-light
into comments in generic/proof-site.el?

I would suggest that we agree on some schedule. For instance:
- we stop adding new features now
- permit 2 weeks for further bug fixes
- have another prerelease on 18 September
- release 4.2 on 25 September

In addition to Davids list we should fix the conflict between
proof-electric-terminator and coq-colon-self-insert, that I
reported yesterday on this list.

I would like to fix some proof-tree problems before the release:
- Proof appears as command in the proof tree
- support for braces and bullets


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