On Saturday 20 Dec 2008 2:05 pm, Artur Oliveira Gomes wrote:
> Rob,
> val it = () : unit
> val it = () : unit
> === ProofPower 2.8.1a10 [HOL Database]
> === Copyright (C) Lemma 1 Ltd. 2000-2008
> Database name:

This strongly suggests that you are somehow picking up an earlier version of 
the pp script. You are using the "./configure; ./install" sequence to run the 
installation aren't you? If so, you could try the replacement for src/zed.mkf 
that I have attached. Please compare it with what the file src/zed.mkf that 
you already have, the only difference is that this one calls "./pp" rather 
than "pp" - but that shouldn't be necessary because install puts the src 
directory at the top of the search path.



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