On Tuesday 23 Dec 2008 8:40 am, Artur Oliveira Gomes wrote:
> Rob,
> This strongly suggests that you are somehow picking up an earlier version
> of
> > the pp script. You are using the "./configure; ./install" sequence to run
> > the
> > installation aren't you?

I take it that the answer is yes? I.e., you are using ./configure and 
./install to run the installation.

>> If so, you could try the replacement for
> > src/zed.mkf
> > that I have attached. Please compare it with what the file src/zed.mkf
> > that you already have, the only difference is that this one calls "./pp"
> > rather than "pp" - but that shouldn't be necessary because install puts
> > the src directory at the top of the search path.
> It continues outputing the same things than before. I have compared the
> output
> before and after the replacement, it is the same. Looks like that the
> replaced
> file is not even readed by the script, or, the changes are not enough to
> fix the problem.

Thanks for persevering.  I wanted to make sure that the script pp was being 
picked up from the right place. There should be a version number and some 
other red tape in the first few lines of src/pp. It should look like this for 
version 2.8.1a10:

#! /bin/sh
#       pp   From: imp111.doc,v 1.57 2008/07/24 15:55:01 rda Exp %Z%

Is that what you have? If not let me know what you have got. If so, then I 
suggest you try again after doing ./distclean to tidy up. If it still fails, 
I will need to send you a modified version of imp111.doc to get some more 
diagnostic output.



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