We reproduced the same problem with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on Paul's machine.

Thanks to Paul Whittaker who pointed out that, on Ubuntu, /bin/sh points to dash (a faster more cut-down POSIX-compliant shell) rather than bash, otherwise I could have wasted a fair bit of time debugging in the wrong shell! (This has been the case since Ubuntu 6.1, release in 2006.) Indeed this difference causes the difference in behaviour because particular lines in the pp script (possibly other scripts) are interpreted differently.

The problem is due to the use of the shell built-in eval on lines 222 and 225. Basically, in bash, the environment variable PPDATABASENAME is passed through by eval to its command but in dash it is not. Try the following commands on e.g. Fedora and Ubuntu:

 echo "#! /bin/sh" > echox
 echo "echo \$X" >> echox
 X=hello eval echox

On Fedora (where /bin/sh points to bash) you get 'hello' echoed back but on Ubuntu (where /bin/sh points to dash) you get nothing echoed back. I don't know what the correct semantics is.

One option is to do the equivalent of

 eval X=hello echox

which appears to give the same on each system.


Steven J. Ramsay wrote:
No problem.  I am on an old Pentium M processor (i.e. x86), with 1GB
of RAM.  The OS is Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron).



2009/1/24 Rob Arthan <r...@lemma-one.com>:

Thanks for that. What operating system and hardware are you running on?



On 24 Jan 2009, at 17:24, Steven J. Ramsay wrote:

2009/1/24 Rob Arthan <r...@lemma-one.com>:
What do the first few lines lok like? I expect they look something like:

val it = () : unit
val it = () : unit
=== ProofPower 2.8.1a10 [HOL Database]
=== Copyright (C) Lemma 1 Ltd. 2000-2008
Database name:

I.e., no database name (this is what Artur was seeing). Can you try  the
following command after the failed build:

Yes, the first lines are the same (except the copyright is 2000-2009).

TESTVAR="testing" ./src/pp-ml ./src/zed.polydb

This should start an interactive session on your as yet incomplete zed
database. You should see something like this

val it = () : unit
val it = () : unit
=== ProofPower 2.8.1a10 [HOL/Z Database]
=== Copyright (C) Lemma 1 Ltd. 2000-2009
Database name:

In response to the ":)" prompt try:

get_shell_var "TESTVAR" ;

I get:

val it = "testing" : string

Now try:

OS.Process.getEnv "TESTVAR" ;

I get:

val it = SOME "testing" : string Option.option

Does this work the same for you?

Yes, all those tests delivered the same results.



Steven Ramsay
Research Student
Oxford University Computing Laboratory

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