I'm preparing some revised instructions (attached) for installation of
ProofPower and its supporting programs on Unix-like operating systems.
These will get 'xpp' working properly on Ubuntu for you, Roger.

The instructions are currently restricted to Linux variants and need more
testing, but they are pretty reliable for Fedora and Ubuntu.  At the moment
the instructions for ProofPower itself are just for getting 'xpp' running,
but will work for ProofPower in general by removing the PPTARGETS="xpp" from
the configure command.

Please, anyone with any suggestions for improving the clarity or scope of
this file please contact me.


on 10/7/10 10:06 PM, Roger Bishop Jones <r...@rbjones.com> wrote:

> On Thursday 08 Jul 2010 11:21, m...@proof-technologies.com
> wrote:
>> In fact, Roger, could you confirm that you are using
>>  OpenMotif 2.3.0?
> No. 2.2.3-4.
> I'm on Ubuntu 9.04 so I think I will have to go up to 9.10.
> Roger

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