This looks like an issue involving blackboard bold S in indexes. I had an issue with this a few months ago and, after investigating, I recorded the following:

The file sievekeyword should not have a \MMM{...} entry for %bbS%. Due to the presence of the \MMM{...}, LaTeX does not work when %bbS% occurs in a section heading, consequently e.g. dtd052.dvi does not build.

So perhaps making that change to the sievekeyword file fixes it. However, I can't remember the precise error I got so this may be nothing to do with your issue.


Roger Bishop Jones wrote:
I am now running ProofPower on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

In the last couple of days something has been automatically upgraded which has broken the processing of indexes on ProofPower documents (I believe this because when I roll back my ProofPower work several weeks I still have the problem which only appeared today.)

Has anyone else experienced this?

This is a sample of the kind of error I am getting (while LaTeX is processing a .sid file).

! Extra }, or forgotten $.
<argument> ...\mathgroup \symAMSb \relax S\egroup $\leaders \hbox to 0.5em{\...
l.30 ...up \mathgroup \symAMSb \relax S\egroup }{}

Roger Jones

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