Thanks Phil for your suggestion.

It transpires that the "rollback" of my own work which 
persuaded my that the error must have been caused by 
something other than myself was incomplete, and I have now 
located and fixed a problem, which I had introduced into my 
LaTex index hacks (because something stopped working for 
reasons I never discovered!).

I do find hyperlinked indexes very convenient, but the simple 
hacks needed to make them work cause me a disproportionate 
about of trouble (LaTeX is a bit of a black hole for me).

The failure was connected with my trying (and failing) to 
redefine something defined in ProofPower.sty (instead of 
having my own special version of it).
Does anyone know a way to override a definition in a style 
file (other than by editing it)?

Roger Jones

On Sunday 08 Aug 2010 21:06, you wrote:
> This looks like an issue involving blackboard bold S in
> indexes.  I had an issue with this a few months ago and,
> after investigating, I recorded the following:
> The file sievekeyword should not have a \MMM{...} entry
> for %bbS%.  Due to the presence of the \MMM{...}, LaTeX
> does not work when %bbS% occurs in a section heading,
> consequently e.g. dtd052.dvi does not build.
> So perhaps making that change to the sievekeyword file
> fixes it. However, I can't remember the precise error I
> got so this may be nothing to do with your issue.

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