On 9 Aug 2010, at 19:20, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:

> ...The failure was connected with my trying (and failing) to 
> redefine something defined in ProofPower.sty (instead of 
> having my own special version of it).
> Does anyone know a way to override a definition in a style 
> file (other than by editing it)?

What kind of definition are you trying to override? 

For what TeX calls macros and LaTeX calls commands, the TeX \def or \let will 
override and existing definition while in LaTeX you have to use \renewcommand 
rather than \newcommand. For LaTeX environments, you use \renewenvironment. Do 
bear in that both TeX and LaTeX are block-structured, but LaTeX has something 
called \gdef which lets you make top-level definitions from within a block.



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