There were some discussions last year about making the ProofPower source 
repository available online, but this didn't come to anything. The main problem 
I have is that the popular version control systems (CVS, SVN, Git, Mercurial) 
don't seem to fit very well with what I have always done once-up-a-time with 
SCCS and since then with RCS - namely have one flat repository of source files 
that different packages share. I have a symbolic link to this repository in 
directories for the various ProofPower packages and the makefiles for each 
package (which have distinctive names) get what they need out of the 
repository. Thus one source file can appear in several different packages, 
which turns out to be more useful than it sounds, given that source files here 
includes things like LaTeX style files and other stuff that isn't really source 
code, but is needed to make the package.

In order to make some progress in this direction, I have written a shell script 
that you can find here:

that creates a directory structure like the one I use to develop ProofPower. It 
then builds the OpenProofPower packages in that structure. Finally it builds 
the distribution (using the makefile for a pseudo-package called opp). There 
are comments at the top of the script that explain what it does and various 
environment variables that parametrize it. Unless you ask it not to, the script 
downloads a tarball of the RCS repository.

If anyone feels minded to look at this and advise how it could be adapted to 
work with Mercurial or Git, I would be very grateful. My ideal would be to be 
able to map between Mercurial or Git and RCS. Any feedback on this would be 
gratefully received.



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