On 06/08/12 19:40, Rob Arthan wrote:

On 6 Aug 2012, at 14:08, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:

On Sunday 05 Aug 2012 15:36, Rob Arthan wrote:

If anyone feels minded to look at this and advise how it
could be adapted to work with Mercurial or Git, I would
be very grateful. My ideal would be to be able to map
between Mercurial or Git and RCS. Any feedback on this
would be gratefully received.

I tried it but failed to build xpp.
Lots of undefined references:

gnu/4.4.3/../../../../lib/libXm.a(TextIn.o): In function

Thanks for the prompt feedback.

I am assuming this is on a platform where you can build from the OpenProofPower 
distribution. If so, my first guess is that you don't have the libraries in the 
form you need to link xpp statically, which (confusingly) is the default in the 
xpp makefile but not the default when you build with configure. Could you try 
again with PPMOTIFLINKING=dynamic ?

I too required PPMOTIFLINKING=dynamic too. I don't think the problem is OpenMotif itself (the -devel package includes libXm.a) but the libraries it depends on. Many of the undefined references start Xft... and neither libXft nor libXft-devel provide a .a file on my system.

I also required PPPOLYHOME=... because I have Poly/ML installed in a non-standard location.

Attached is a modified script that adds comments for PPPOLYHOME and PPMOTIFLINKING (copied from configure).

Also, I encountered some confusing behaviour in that if PPRCSDIR is relative, it must be relative to PPDEVHOME, not the current directory, so I updated the comment. Also, it looks like the default for PPRCSDIR is not
(as documented) but
so I changed that comment.


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