I see now, I did not know that. You can lump them together in the Word
document when I am using those tools but that is b/c when it is parsed each
is separated into its own paragraph on the back end. I will be sure to
correct that and see where I can get from there. Thanks for the help.

As for the zipped file I used the gzip command, which is short for gunzip.
Was the first couple I sent you corrupted?


On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 6:25 PM, Phil Clayton <>wrote:

> On 13/09/12 21:32, Jon Lockhart wrote:
>> I tried performing the change you prescribed in my ProofPower spec and
>> it fails to parse. I have included the attachment for your reference.
> I think the attachment has a strange compression format or has been
> corrupted - gunzip reports "unexpected end of file".  I managed to extract
> enough by renaming to .xz and extracting with 7za though.  (How did you
> create the .gz file?)
> The issue is that there can only be one abbreviation definition per
> paragraph.  You can't lump BOOLEAN, True and False all together into one
> paragraph.  Apologies if I misled you with my email presentation.
> Phil
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