On Tuesday 15 Jan 2013 09:27:06 Roger Bishop Jones wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 Jan 2013 07:43:30 Phil Clayton wrote:
> > When you select Tools->Templates, do you see the templates dialog box
> > (with very small buttons) or does nothing happen?  (The first is a known
> > issue that is easily worked around.)
> I havn't used the templates for a long time, but I see now that I don't have
> them either (in 2.9.1w5).
> I have unhashed the template include line in Xpp but the Tools menu in Xpp
> still has Templates greyed out.

On further investigation I do get the templates if I use an Xpp file in which 
the include for the templates is omitted (hashed), but if I use an include 
even with a full pathname it doesn't seem to pick up the template file.
This applies also to the XppKeyboard file as well, I can't get the include to 
work, but if the include is omitted the behaviour corresponds to the issued 
XppKeyboard file (so far as I can see).

Roger Jones

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