Dear Piotr,

Two years ago I wrote a script in order to automate the ProofPower
install process on Ubuntu. I'm sending it so you can give a try.

At that time, I used Ubuntu 10.10. After the last message sent from
Roger, I slightly updated a few apt
files needed. I'm sending the script to you. It should be able to run
with no problems.

All you need is to have super user permissions (sudo) and place it in
the directory you want to have ProofPower installed. Then you only
have to do the following:
# chmod +x
# ./

Should you have any problems with the palette, send us an email. ;)


Artur Oliveira Gomes
Professor - Sistemas de Informação
Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul

On 10 May 2013 08:18, Roger Bishop Jones <> wrote:
> Further to my last, this is what I did before building on Ubuntu 12.04
> sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-extra texlive-fonts-extra
> sudo apt-get install libXp-dev libXext-dev \
>              libXmu-dev libXt-dev \
>              libxft-dev libjpeg-dev libpng12-dev
> sudo apt-get install libmotif4 libmotif-dev libmotif4-dbg
> sudo apt-get install splint groff
> sudo apt-get install autoconf
> sudo apt-get install g++
> You don't need all that for PolyML and ProofPower (probably not the
> texlive extra stuff, but that's probably the only large item you don't
> need).
> Sorry I can't be more definite, I found it hard to figure out what I
> needed for PolyML, the configure script tells you a lot about what is there
> and what isn't but its not so clear which items are actually necessary.
> Roger Jones
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