Hi all,

I’ve got a problem when installing proofpower on OSX 10.11.1. No error message 
is promoted when configure and install, but the following error message is 
promoted when I tried to run  proof power with the command: xpp -d hol
 Error: Can't open display:

Some output from ./install are:
$ ./install
OpenProofPower installation begins [Mon Dec  7 12:23:24 2015] ...
Moving to build directory /Users/yuhuilin/opt/src/ProofPowerPro-3.1w4/src
Building pptex dev xpp hol zed daz qcz
See /Users/yuhuilin/opt/src/ProofPowerPro-3.1w4/build.log for messages
Build complete [Mon Dec  7 12:26:27 2015] ...
Moving to installation directory /Users/yuhuilin/opt/pp-3.1.w4 ...
See /Users/yuhuilin/opt/pp-3.1.w4/<package>.log for messages
Installing hol demo database
Installing zed demo database
Generating HTML roadmap to the documents: 
Installation complete [Mon Dec  7 12:26:35 2015]

The configure command which I used is
  PPHOME=~/opt/pp-3.1.w4 PPMOTIFHOME=/usr/local/Cellar/openmotif/2.3.4 
where the openmotif is installed using brew

Also, the command line, i.e. pp, can be started properly, i.e. pp -d hol

Any hints how to solve this problem ? Many thanks.


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