Hi all,

I thought it was going to be a bit easier to get mod_auth_sql to work
with a hashed password in a PostgreSQL database, but I ended up writing
an entirely new module that supports account creation and password
changes too. I'm a longtime Prosody user but am new to Lua so could
certainly use some feedback.

The module requires postgresql-contrib for the pgcrypto module. It's
currently hard-coded to use the Blowfish algorithm, but it's possible to
use with a custom schema by defining psql_users_table,
psql_localpart_column, psql_domainpart_column, and psql_password_column
in prosody.cfg.lua. Like mod_auth_sql, it uses the settings from the sql
section of the main config to connect to the database.

I reused a lot of code from mod_auth_sql and a bit from
mod_auth_wordpress as well, and Zash in the Prosody chatroom helped too

Anyway, it's here for now:

I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts! Thanks.


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