It'd be very nice if you add PgSQL support there.
// Although, I think, Web part can be writen entirely on Lua without PHP.
// Moreover, I think, it can be writen entirely in Prosody and use Prosody's 
webserver and Prosody's storages :)

Best regsrds,

В письме от Пн, 3 марта 2014 16:27:14 пользователь Jorgen Phillips написал:
> Hey!
> I have written a push module for offline users to go to their android
> phone. It currently requires a PHP enabled HTTP webserver, and a MySql db
> (Hopefully we can remove the HTTP server dependency). It includes an
> example application and was quickly created from a fork of
> mod_offline_mail. Please let me know what you think and feel free to fork
> and modify it on github!
> Here it is: https://github.com/JorgenPhi/ProsodyPush
> Thank you!

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