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> Hi,

> I'm not 100% familiar on how the server is involved in jingle video/audio,
> so sorry if this is out-of-scope.

It is. And, actually, it'd be better to post your question in *-users, but 
okay. So, we're here.

> My home connection is IPv6-only (ok, there's NAT64, but I don't think
> that actually work here, does it?), and I want to perform voice/video
> connections with IPv4-only peers 

This is what you can use in-band traffic transmission (or, may be, proxy65 
somehow related here).

But other side of that case is VERY VERY VERY SLOW transmission rate since all 
the jingle traffic will go through you server (and with in-band it sill also 
me base64'ed and crypted).

> (I don't have any who are willing to test this with me, regrettably). 

Let's wait for someone else ;) I'm dualstacked in all the [client]-places (and 
v4-only on server)

> My server is dual stacked. Is this possible? As far as I understand jingle
> is p2p-ish, so is there something the server needs to do? 

As I said above — only way is in-band translation.

> Or should the NAT64 translation work?

Maybe, it can also work here too. I don't tested (as I think userspace NATing 
is bad thing), but I don't see the reason to not to work for it.
> Thanks,

Best regsrds,

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