My apologies if cross-posting between the prosody-users and prosody-dev lists is frowned on. I'm still pretty new to using mailing lists.



First of all, thanks to the devs for their work on Prosody. Really enjoying it so far. My question is related to configuring Prosody to use syslog instead of logging directly to /var/log/prosody/prosody.log. I have the syslog configuration working well, but since I decided to keep the log entries going to /var/log/prosody/prosody.log I changed the ownership (recursively) of /var/log/prosody to syslog:adm.

When a package update was applied the permissions were reset to the default (which I think was prosody:prosody). Aside from adding the syslog user to the prosody group and setting group ownership to prosody on the directory and files, what other options do I have? My first thought was that the ownership reset is a bug. I can see doing that if the directory did not exist beforehand, but since it does I would expect that the existing ownership would be preserved.


Thanks for your time.

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