Hi Tobias,

I believe that the brew install on http://prosody.im/download/start has a 
small bug.  When running the installer, I get the error message:

Error: No available formula for lua51 (dependency of prosody)

After poking around for a few minutes, I installed lua and checked the 

  $ brew install lua
  ... install successfully ...
  $ brew list --versions lua
  lua 5.1.5

It seems like that satisfies the dependency, so I patched the script:

  $ diff prosody.rb prosody.dlm-patch.rb
  <   depends_on "lua51"
  >   depends_on "lua"

I tried installing again and this time it installed successfully.

About my system:
  Homebrew 0.9.5
  OS X 10.9.5
  (please let me know if you would like any additional information)



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