Hi All,

We are using Prosody 0.10 My issue is as follows :

We are creating PRIVATE Chatrooms and following are the settings for the 
Chatroom created on the fly. We are using Converse Chat Client and Prosody 
as our XMPP Server...This is how we are creating PRIVATE CHATROOMS : 

chatroomName )); 
                var displayName = chatroomName.replace(/[_]+/g, " ");;
displayName ));
1)); ---------------------(1)
configArray.push(cUtils.setConfigFields('muc#roomconfig_publicroom', 0)); 
configArray.push(cUtils.setConfigFields('muc#roomconfig_changesubject', 0));
configArray.push(cUtils.setConfigFields('muc#roomconfig_roomsecret', ""));
configArray.push(cUtils.setConfigFields('muc#roomconfig_moderatedroom', 0));
configArray.push(cUtils.setConfigFields('muc#roomconfig_membersonly', 0)); 

The problem is when I give a CALL to FETCH Chatrooms as follows : 

   1. <body rid='6804' xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/httpbind' 
   sid='2d04ad94-464a-410e-a830-bfdd65f3c677'><iq to='conference.domain.com' 
   from='someu...@domain.com/203aa2ae-c7a6-46b1-91fc-7d083f04fecd' type='get' 
   xmlns='jabber:client' id='11:sendIQ'><query 

I get only 1 Chatroom which is a PUBLIC / Persistent Chatroom and not this 
one...What is the reason ?

Secondly, assuming I create a Private Chatroom between Users A, B, C then 
only these 3 users MUST be able to LIST these Chatrooms...User D, E should 
NOT see this Private Chatroom. 

Kindly let me know your suggestions / commments and implementation notes 
around the same ?

Thanks !

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