I am new to this community.

I was looking to use the prosody for the pubsub notification.

I noticed that the options for subscribe has been commented out with a 
comment FIX ME!

Any plans to support it?

function handlers.set_subscribe(origin, stanza, subscribe, service)
        local node, jid = subscribe.attr.node, subscribe.attr.jid;
        if not (node and jid) then
                return origin.send(pubsub_error_reply(stanza, jid and 
"nodeid-required" or "invalid-jid"));
        local options_tag, options = stanza.tags[1]:get_child("options"), 
        if options_tag then
                options = options_form:data(options_tag.tags[1]);
        local options_tag, options; -- FIXME

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