On 2016-05-25 23:16, Chris Ballinger wrote:
> Not sure about the proper way to submit a pull request, but we have some
> proposed modifications to the existing module that I'd like some
> feedback on first.
> 1. push_enabled is not persisted across server restarts (only reloads).
> This means that users won't receive pushes until they login again. Is
> there an easy way to accomplish this with the existing persistent
> storage API? I had trouble finding docs for the storage API.

Someone filed an issue for it here FWIW:

> 2. pushes are triggered for typing notifications (and possibly other
> extraneous stanzas as well). Would this be desired for some use cases
> and configurable (for instance to wake up the receiving client more
> quickly), or would it be better to just filter out all messages without
> a body?

and MattJ wrote:
> I don't see any typical use cases for no-body messages being pushed.

It's not that simple, what about OMEMO, or other non-body message with
some alternative payload? And this problem also applies to Carbons, MAM
and possibly other things.

Kim "Zash" Alvefur

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