As promised, I have now released updated versions of my addon Servers for
use with Protel 99 SE, when SP6 has been installed. (It was necessary for me
to recompile these Servers because Protel updated some of the SDK files at
the same time that SP6 was released. Additionally, the previously released
Servers had been compiled using Delphi 3, but with the updated SDK files, it
is now necessary to use Delphi 5 instead.)

Note that these new Servers can only be used when SP6 has been installed;
they will not work with SP5.

Because egroups has been taken over by Yahoo, these files have been uploaded
to Yahoo's Website. As such, the URLs for downloading these files are as

The PcbAddon Server has been recompiled, but is otherwise the same as the
server that was released previously. However, a new Process has been added
to the SchAddon Server. An initial version of a CopyComponentField Process
has been added, which permits another field to be copied to the Footprint
field for each component within a schematic file (with the user able to
select either the option of just those components in a selected state, or
the alternative option of all components in the schematic file). This will
be useful for those using the database linking feature, as one of the 16
part fields (updated as a consequence of using this feature) can then be
copied to each component's footprint (which can not be updated otherwise
while using the database linking feature).


For those who have installed SP5, but have yet to instal SP6, the originally
released PcbAddon Server (Version 6.0.0) is still available for downloading,
but at a different URL (as listed below). The originally released SchAddon
Server (Version 6.0.0) is no longer available for downloading (contact me if
you have a good cause for wanting a copy of this), but an updated version
(6.0.1) has now been provided; this includes the initial version of the
CopyComponentField Process (like the version of this Server released for use
with SP6). The URLs for downloading these files are as follows:

Once again, note that the correct Servers must be installed, depending upon
which SP you currently have installed.

Although these Servers are free to download, install, and use, I have spent
some time in putting them together. As such, I am more likely to be
motivated to put in the effort to enhance the capabilities of these Servers
yet further if I receive feedback and suggestions on these (either in
private postings to me or to this forum). And I will of course answer
questions concerning these Servers (acquisition, installation, or usage) as

On another note, Ian Wilson and I have not forgotten about the PCB Inverting
procedure. Watch this space for further developments on this matter.

Geoff Harland.
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