Thanks for the suggestions Ian. I will try some of your suggestions over the
next few days, first I have this one into P99SE via P98 and have to finish
it off.
        I do concur with your comment that usually items will simply be
missing. That has been my experience as well, until now. It reacted exactly
the same way to both the old previously import P98 DXF and the brand new
file I was trying this morning.


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On 12:36 PM 8/02/2001 -0800, Brad Velander said:
>Hi all,
>         has anybody had problems with importing DXF into P99SE SP6? I am
>unable to successfully import a DXF this morning into P99SE, the first
>attempt since switching to 99SE.

I have had on-going issues with DXF import and I have done it maybe 50 
times over the last couple of years.   But I haven't tried SP6 in anger - 
tried a few difficult DXF files this morning and it seems to be better than 
previously (and the metric/imperial setting works).

I have heard that importing into Camtastic and saving and then trying again 
in sometimes Protel helps.

Arcs were a real issue (any large radius arc is likely to not import even 
though it has centre and endpoints in the 100"x100" positive quadrant. (I 
will usually use another CAD package to explode arcs into suitable small 
line segments.)

I usually see missing entities but rarely stuff scattered about.  The DXFs 
I am importing are usually just lines and maybe arcs.

I can't recall, does P98 have DXF export?  As well as saving the P98 
version you might like to try exporting as dxf and then re-importing into 
P99SE.  Can you make a DWG file and see if that imports?

Ian Wilson

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